Oral Medicine specialist – Stomatologist

Mouth is the Mirror of Health and Disease!

Oral Medicine specialist or Stomatologist is the health care professional who has been  specialized in Oral Medicine. Stomatology is the science that applies to the diagnosis and management of the diseases of  the mouth and jaw bones.

Oral diseases are most often benign and develop in the mouth as local primary diseases,  such as the recurrent aphthous ulcers, lichen planus, xerostomia or dry mouth, herpes, fungal and other infections, burning mouth syndrom or causalgia, and different small inflammatory and benign swellings. Some common stomatological problems, such as the geographic tongue, are benign, non-clinically significant lesions.

Xerostomia may be related to primary dysfunction of the salivary glands or it may be the result of radiation treatment to the head and neck area or it may be associated to medications such as medications for high blood pressure, or for psychosomatic stress and other conditions.

Stomatologist and Stomatology

Some stomatological diseases are painful, such as the aphthous ulcers and the ulcerative form of lichen planus, and cause problems in food intake. Xerostomia may also adveresly affect the quality of life. It causes problems in food intake, speach, communication, sleep, while it is related to increased risk for dental caries.

Oral leukoplakia is a precancerous lesion. This means that a small number of those will progress to oral cancer. Oral cancer is not common, but it is a serious malignant disease. The avoidance of smoking is the best prevention for both leukoplakia and oral cancer.

When we see an oral ulcer, which does not heal within 2-3 weeks, or an unxplained difficulty in swallowing or a swelling or a tooth loosening, not explained by a periodontal disease, it is correct to ask help from a stomatologist. In case of oral cancer, the stomatologist will initiate an early diagnosis, resulting to an effective treatment.

Systemic diseases and conditions, such as anemia due to different causes, haematological diseases, skin and rheumatoid diseases, medications, such as corticosteroids, oncological therapies, may develop oral complications or early oral lesions and problems, before the diagnosis of the underlying disease.

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The stomatologist can recognize and treat or manage these problems. The stomatologist can also initiate the early diagnosis of the systemic disease from the clinical presentation of the problem in the mouth.

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